Let’s Start at the Beginning

… as I’ve heard it’s a very good place to start!

Finally, I am here and blogging once more. Something I have wanted to do for myself for a very long time. I have been writing, blogging and creating digital content for other people for quite sometime now and yet never found the time to do it for myself. It seems utterly crazy that now, with a six month old babe in arms, I have finally found a moment of calm to do just that!

The idea for for Kit & Flow came at the beginning of last year. I found myself wanting to share the wonderful goings on in my life and the adventures I was having with my wonderful fiancé Sam and bulldog Norman. I was aware that many people have come to know Cornwall for its amazing beaches, relaxed lifestyle and all round chilled out vibes. However, I wanted to show readers that as well being a haven for the salty sea-dogs of this world, Cornwall also has a host of cool and cosmopolitan places, shops, restaurants and things ‘going-on’. My blog as it were would hopefully become a ‘go-to guide’ for the discerning reader, looking for something ‘different’ to do in Cornwall.

Well… roll on a year and things haven’t exactly gone to plan…

Geoffrey Jones entered our lives at 6.45pm on the 3rd of May 2016. Ever since I have been navigating the wonderful world of motherhood. Long gone are the nights out, luscious meals in secret spots around Cornwall and romantic weekends away. Rather, we are lunching with baby buddies, seeking out fun filled clubs and classes for Geoffrey and enjoying the great outdoors as a family and quite frankly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kit & Flow is an ode to our coastal life and I hope to inspire you with the lovely things we get up to and the fun we create for ourselves.

You will get to know me a little bit better as this blog evolves, but in the meantime here are 10 facts about ‘Millie Jones’ to get you started:

I am not of Cornish origin (apparently you have to be the third, or maybe even the fifth generation born in Cornwall to genuinely call yourself Cornish!) my mum is, but my Dad is from Sussex and I was born in Putney, London. I have spent my life yo-yoing between my two ‘home-towns’ and finally settled in Cornwall five years ago.

I am going to be thirty this year, but I sure as hell don’t feel it.

Sam, my husband and I, started dating when we were both 19. Called things off and joked for many years about how we would end up married one day. He and I both say that we always knew we would and prior to our ‘first’ adult date six years ago he told me that I was the woman he was going to marry. Forward, clever or just plain lucky, Sam captured my heart in that moment forever (sorry, I should have told you that you might want to grab your sick bags before reading this).

We got married in May 2015 and I organised the WHOLE THING myself. It was the best day of our lives and everyone (I think) was pretty impressed with the outcome (more to follow in a later blog post), although it gave me a slight stressed induced allergic reaction and my eyes nearly shut up on the day. My hat goes off to people who organise other people’s weddings for a living. Our wonderful photographs were taken by the talented Kirstin Prisk.

We honeymooned in Bali. My very first long haul trip and a truly memorable experience, and a country I long to go back to. Our second honeymoon was spent at Glastonbury festival, another lifetime highlight and a place I urge EVERYONE (seriously, young or old) to try at least once.

Surprisingly, I fell pregnant only three months after our wedding. A truly insane and happy experience. I came home from a work trip feeling a bit off and low and behold, baby Jones was nestled away in my tummy!

Although currently on Maternity Leave I am a full qualified Marketing Manager, having studied Journalism at university and since completing my Certificate in Professional Marketing with the Charted Institute of Marketing. I have headed up the sales and marketing teams at Tom Raffield for the past two years, and before that worked within the Merchandising team at renowned Cornish clothing brand Seasalt for a number of years. My experience working with up and coming Cornish brands in second to none, and I believe that this county is home to some of the most exciting designers, products and businesses in Europe, hell, in the world!

Geoffrey was born in May after a super speedy labour. I was adamant that I wanted as natural birth as possible and really looked after myself during my pregnancy, undertook lots of pre-natal yoga with gusto and read up on hypo-birthing techniques and natural and drug free birthing stories. When it came down to it I went into labour so quickly that I had no other choice but to rush to hospital and push, no time for yoga, no time to think, no time for drugs even if I had thought at the last minute that I needed them. All in all I was in established labour for just over an hour and a half and pushing for only 40 minutes. I was very lucky, despite Geoffrey nearly being born in the hospital carpark!

Before we welcomed Geoffrey into our lives there was only one baby we had eyes for. Our fur baby. Norman the bulldog. Not a breed Sam, nor I had much experience of before we started looking for a dog together. Contrary to popular belief you can have a happy and healthy bulldog, without many of the issues often associated with the breed. However, do your research and pick your breeder carefully. All pure breeds have issues due to over and irresponsible breeding, however a bulldog is no more unfortunate than any other.

Sam, Geoffrey, Norman and I live on the North coast of Cornwall in a old miners cottage, cleverly renovated by Sam and his skilled team of tradesmen. Sam is a carpenter by trade and now owns and runs his own design and building firm Samuel Winn Ltd. This year the company featured on Grand Designs as part of a project to build a steam bent house for my boss Tom Raffield.

So there you are. A bit about me. More to follow soon.






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