A Cut Above the Rest


Once upon a time I was a naive, twenty-something, living in London, who had NO IDEA about being a parent. On the commute to work I would look at the mums with unkempt hair, stained tops, no make-up on and children swinging from their ears and try and work out if that WAS the way they wanted to leave the house that morning.

Roll on 10 years and I GET IT #thestruggleisrealpeople! In the majority of cases of course it bloody wasn’t (and who cares if it was) but having a baby totally screws with your mind and you either: a. give no sh**s that you forgot to put your bra on, one boob is leaking and you have banana (or is that regurgitated banana) in your hair, b. totally forgot that you didn’t get dressed that morning because you were woken 163756369246 times by a teething, snotty, pooey gremlin that night or 3) quite frankly NEVER have the time to step out of the house without your brood, and if you do you are convinced that most hairdressers/beauticians/waxists would be so aghast at the jungle that is your hair/eyebrows/nether regions you would rather face it another day ( or never). Such is the life of a parent that you put aside little treats, like getting a haircut, until another day (year or decade).

Luckily for me I have found THE PERFECT hairdresser. A mobile (this is where I would insert the ‘praise be’ emoji) hairdressing angel, who not only comes to you and works around the fact you have to breastfeed/change a nappy/entertain your offspring, but is actually insane at her craft too. Holly Kendall is not only brilliant, but for the first time in my life I have had that “I couldn’t let anyone else touch my hair” epiphany.

In her own words Holly is passionate about creating beautiful luxe hair, with a unique blend of edge and elegance and offers a modern cutting & colouring service in the relaxed surroundings of your home or my home. She is a mother to a young boy herself and has built up a large and loyal client base across Cornwall since returning to work earlier this year. Perhaps it has something to do with being a mama herself but I have found her knowledge of postpartum hair loss and changes fantastic, and she has helped me find a new style and colour that has made me feel flipping awesome!

Not only has she mastered the juggling act that is working and motherhood, she has a loyal digital following and her Instagram and Facebook accounts are updated daily with her latest work. Appointments can be made through her networking sites, alternatively give Holly a call to make an appointment.

Holly Kendall Hair

M: 07773714456


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