Santa Baby…


There is still time to buy some great presents online to ensure that both Mama and Bubba get something special this Christmas. Just in case Papa Jones is reading here are a few ideas (hint hint)…

For Mama

New Jumpers

O.K. I know this sounds really dull, but I love a good jumper. I feel the cold, and I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to winter. I practically sit as close as I can to our wood burner and wrap myself up in something soft and snuggly whenever I can, and I swear my very un-huggy baby lets my squeeze him a little bit longer when I’m wearing something super soft. Since having Baby G I have accidentally shrunk more than one of my favourites (Hallo Baby Brain), including my best cashmere jumper (*weeps). I have been holding back from buying myself a replacement and fingers (and toes) crossed someone will feel like gifting me with a cosy replacement this Chrimbo.

The classic (budget but very very good): Marksies in Bottle Green – £75

The classic (in my dreams): Brora Gauzy V Neck in Navy – £259

A bit of fun: Hush Twilight Jumper -£85

Love this colour-way: Boden Classic Cashmere – £90.30 (currently on offer)

Polka Pants in Signture Polka Dot – £120

High-waisted chef trousers designed by London based Australian chef Maxine Thompson. Stylish, comfortable and functional the high-waist is perfect for any busy mum trying not to flash her pants (or worse!!) when endlessly picking up after the kiddies. I adore the 1950’s vibe and would team these with a short sleeve, cashmere jumper. Swoon.

NYR Beauty Book – £16.99

One of my New Year missions is to experiment in making my own beauty products, and this book would certainly get me started. Already an advocate of organic coconut oil and its many uses (moisturiser for mum and babe, deodorant and make-up remover are just a few) I am convinced I can do away with most of my beauty products in favour of all natural and homemade potions and lotions. We shall see.

Molton Brown Pink Pepper Fragrance – £39.00

I’m still totally aloof when it comes to perfumes, perhaps I will never find ‘the one’. This winter however I am totally head over heals with this gorgeous scent from Molton Brown. I was gifted the body scrub last year, so perhaps I will find the fragrance in my stocking this Christmas morn.

Cox & Cox Felt Chevron Baskets – £60

Having spent hours pouring over the Cox & Cox catalogue that they sneakily post through my letter box just before Christmas, I have decided that these baskets are literally a must-have. Modern, but soft and cosy. Fab for baby bits, or bedside storage or just looking pretty. They are giving me very ‘hygge-y’ vibes and I love them! The Merry Christmas tags (above picture) also come from Cox & Cox and I love the idea of reusable christmas wrapping for the family presents.

For Bubba

The Modern Nursery Mini-Be Ball Pit – £125

This gorgeous ball pit is so cool and incredibly stylish for a children’s toy, you really wouldn’t mind not being able to tidy it away. Babies love ball pools and if you think along the lines of price per play (your can see my thought process here) and the money you save getting your little one packed up and transported to a soft play area, this is one sound investment.

Tinyme Happy Days Nursery Wall Stickers – £60

We went with a VERY neutral nursery scheme for Geoff’s room. One part: we didn’t find out the gender during our pregnancy, two parts: the room was already painted in a gorgeous Conforth White by Farrow and Ball and we really didn’t need to (couldn’t be bothered, sorry Geoff) change it. However, these incredibly sweet wall stickers by Tinyme are on Geoff’s (my) Christmas list to add a little variety to his room. How could we resist this little coastal scene. Perfect.

Mama Designs Babasac Sleeping Bag in Pineapple – £38.99 (6-18 months)

I know that it is hard not to get carried away with the festive theme and winter prints at this time of year. But remember folks, as soon as January hits we start longing for summer again. So in order to beat those winter blues I am going to get my hands on one of these fun pineapple print sleeping bags from Mama Designs. Mama Designs is a small, independent business run by mamatrepreneur (Mama Entrepreneur) Keira and I am obsessed with her products. Totally gorgeous and worth your custom.





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